Have you ever noticed that the only jobs posted on Indeed.com or Career Builder for senior citizens are part-time work at McDonald’s or greeters at Wal-Mart or customer service at Home Depot?

I am a senior citizen and I’m angry.

When seniors retire from their full-time jobs, we become insignificant and unnecessary to the working world.

I worked for over fourteen years in human resources, and eighteen years as a writer, both for local newspapers. After retirement, I tried to get another position in either of these fields. I was only sixty-two years old when I retired, but I missed working. I applied for all the
positions I believed I was more than qualified for and none of the companies called me for an interview. None of them. I received the “thanks but no thanks” letter and the “we have found someone more qualified” letter. I wasn’t interviewed before receiving these letters. I was discarded.

They say there is no age discrimination, but I believe it’s alive. Companies are discreet in their hiring practices to avoid “old people”. Companies today want young newly graduated college students that they can mold. They think “old people” are set in their ways and can’t learn. What’s the saying: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. That’s bullshit!

Senior citizens, like myself, have been discarded and ignored. It’s a fact. We have years of experience and excellent work ethics. We are loyal. What young person is going to work eighteen years at a company these days? Work ethics and loyalty are ignored when hiring today. If I owned a business, these traits would be the number one and number two characteristics that I would look for in a new hire.

I’ve been asked so many times: Why don’t you volunteer somewhere to fill the gap that work used to fill? My answer is: Is it wrong to want to get paid for my time? Is it wrong to want new challenges?

I want to know why companies aren’t scrambling to hire us. If we want to work and are willing to share our experiences to help your business grow, why aren’t you tapping that resource? At the very least, interview us to find out what you’re missing.

Maybe the companies think we are too old to learn new things or that we aren’t willing to grow or take on a new challenge. They are wrong. In fact, we have common sense, expertise, and experience that should be utilized.

I say, hire us, and pay us for our knowledge and experience. What you will get in return is loyalty and a solid work ethic, which most of today’s youth do not have or value. We are significant and definitely necessary. We will be your best employee.


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