Once upon a time there was a man named George. He was a lonely man. His family left him alone many years ago. To fill his time he worked. He worked to support his children and he worked to fill the loneliness. Then one day, a friend told him about a lady he might like to talk to. She lived nearby with her special daughter. George called her. Her name was Betty. Betty was strong-willed and was able to take care of herself and her daughter. She, too, was a hard worker.  George admired that. George called her for six days and they talked about themselves, their children, and their dreams. They realized that they had a lot in common

On the seventh day, George asked to meet Betty in person. George was cautious. Betty was afraid. They met for breakfast. They talked like they were old friends. George kissed Betty that day. It was a seal of approval and what they both believed was love at first sight. George and Betty saw each other every day after that. They talked. They laughed. They kissed. And they fell in love.

George wanted to spend the rest of his life with Betty but he had nothing to offer Betty. Then he remembered he had his mother’s ring. That’s all he had to give. The ring was a promise and an offer of a lifetime. Betty only wanted his love. Six months later, in front of family and friends, they married.

Sixteen years have passed. George and Betty are no longer lonely. They continue to talk, laugh, kiss, and love.

Their love is what stories are made of.

Happy 16th Anniversary, George.

Love, Betty



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